Monday, May 5, 2014


Zieryeb's music and character are inspired from three main sources:

(1) The 9th century AD Arab musician, Abu al-Hassan Ali Ibn Nafi', known by the alias Ziryab, which means black bird in Arabic. Ziryab is the father of the spanish guitar and flamenco genre (

(2) Mozart

(3) Michael Jackson

ziryab, as a musical character, aspires to combine the above three persons into one person who is living in the 21st century, listens to the current music trends, and tries to blend in this world and compose a good quality music that can still be understood in our times.

To this complex mix (Ziryab, Mozart and Michael Jackson all combined), add to this other spices coming from a sufi and spiritual background of Zieryeb Meickal and his interest in embracing all the cultures of the world and their musical genres. The result of all of this is a musical style that is basically the sum of so many things at once.

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