Wednesday, May 21, 2014

3 burner gas grill

This is a great grill for any homeowner, new or experienced. I was a little weary upon receiving the box, and all the pieces that I would have to assemble. If you lay out the pieces and follow the instructions, it all comes together nicely. I really appreciated the fact they placed the screws and bolts in the locations needed, ready to be fastened.After the grill was assembled, I loaded up the propane take on the slide out tray and connected the propane line. Turned on the propane and fired it up. Heats up quickly and evenly. The grill is easy to move around, complete with wheels and wheel brake. The included cover is an added bonus and is form fitting. This grill will look good anywhere you put it.The grill is great, no issues except the stainless exterior, its a little hard to keep clean. The interior cooking surfaces on the other hand are as easy as washing in the sink.

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